Workplace Benefits

The primary role of the SDA is to look after the industrial needs of its members through advice, representation and protection.

The SDA employs a team of experienced and qualified people to do this.

Members of the SDA can receive advice and assistance on any workplace issue.

Better Pay

The SDA works hard to secure some of the best wages in the world for retail and fast food workers.

Free Industrial Advice & Protection

The SDA employs a number of qualified staff to look after members' work-related entitlements as set down in various Awards and Agreements and Acts of Parliament.

Enterprise Bargaining

One of the SDA's main aims is to improve the wages and working conditions of its members.

Free WorkSafe Help & Advice

If you suffer an injury or disease which is caused, agrravated, exacerbated or accelerated by the work you do, you may be entitled to workers' compensation.

Occupational Health & Safety

The SDA is committed to ensuring that our members work in a safe and healthy workplace.  Workers in the retail, fast food and warehousing industries are exposed to many unsafe situations at work.

WorkCover Advice & Protection

If you suffer an injury or contract an illness or disease at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.


The SDA belives that every worker has the right to respect and dignity and to feel safe at work.  Our members, like all workers, are sometimes the victim of bullying behaviour at work. 

Equity & Family Issues

We recognise that one of the major challenges of all workers is balancing work and family and this is particularly so in the retail industry, where women make up 65% of the SDA's membership.

Sexual Harassment

The SDA is totally committed to eliminating sexual harassment from our members' workplaces.

Free Legal Advice

As part of your SDA membership, you can receive free legal advice through our solicitors Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.  Expert legal advice is available in a wide range of areas such as:

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