Sexual Harassment

The SDA is totally committed to eliminating sexual harassment from our members' workplaces. Sexual harassment is unacceptable behaviour and is a breach of the fundamental right of an employee to work in a physically and psychologically safe environment and to be treated fairly and with respect.

The SDA undertakes to treat all complaints seriously and sympathetically and to deal with them promptly and confidentially.

The SDA will ensure, to the extent we are able, that complaints will be fully investigated by the company, in an impartial manner; and that the resolution is just and equitable.

The SDA will act to ensure that steps are taken by the employer to prevent further sexual harassment occurring in that employer's workplace[s].

The Union takes this problem seriously and offers you support and assistance in endeavouring to resolve the problem in your workplace, and through any investigation. Your Union Organiser will explain to you your rights and options in regard to dealing with the problem and will respect your wishes.