The SDA belives that every worker has the right to respect and dignity and to feel safe at work.  Our members, like all workers, are sometimes the victim of bullying behaviour at work. 

The SDA does not tolerate bullying in any form and our specialist staff are available to assist members in this regard.

What is bullying?

  • Threatening behaviour
  • Excessive monitoring
  • Unreasonable demands
  • Shouting, swearing and insults
  • Feeling unsafe and afraid to speak up

Bullying not only impacts upon the victim, it also affects the workplace in general and some of the effects include low morale; lost productivity; increased sick leave and increased stress and workers' compensation claims.

Health & Safety Effects of Bullying

Bullying can affect our health in many ways and is a major cause of stress at work.  At worst it can result in serious physical illness, alcohol and drug use, depression or suicidal thoughts.  Other symptons include headaches, sleep difficulties, high blood pressure, digestive problems, tearfulness, anxiety, nausea, anger, irritability and loss of motivation.

The effects of bullying also place pressure on family and friends.

If bullying is happening in your workplace, contact the SDA for assistance.