HSR Spotlight

Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) have always played an essential role in keeping stores safe, but they have become even more important through the COVID-19 pandemic.

HSRs are elected by workers in their store to represent them on health and safety issues. They have important rights and responsibilities, and employers must consult them on all health and safety issues.

Many members have taken a strong interest in health and safety this year as COVID-19 has put these issues front and centre. Where stores do not have HSRs, SDA Organisers have been having conversations with interested members about putting their hands up for election.

The SDA provides training for new HSRs. As the pandemic continues we have successfully sought approval from WorkSafe to run this training online over Zoom.

If you do not have any HSRs in your store, talk to your SDA Organiser about starting the process of electing a representative. You can also click here to express your interest in getting more involved in the union.

Thank you to all our HSRs who are doing a fantastic job standing up for the health and safety of our members in retail, fast food and warehousing.