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The Good, The Bad and the Unknown

Easter Sunday

Outrageous Attack On Your Wages & Conditions Continues

Productivity Commission Report:

Make Sure You Enrol To Vote

With a Federal Election due later this year, now is the time to make sure you’re enrolled to vote so you don’t miss out on exercising your democrat

Easter Sunday is Now a Public Holiday Every Year

The Labor Government led by Daniel Andrews moved swiftly last year to deliver on its election promise by making Easter Sunday 2015 a public holiday.

Victorian Non-Metropolitan Public Holidays 2016

Non-Metropolitan public holidays are declared in accordance with the Public Holidays Act 1993 and details are published throughout the year

Saying "No" To Harassment By Customers

According to recent reports, Bunnings has banned some tradesmen from one of their Melbourne stores after a complaint of sexual harassment was made by a staff member.

ABC Radio reported that the employee was fearful that her employment would be terminated because she complained, but was “delighted” when management chose to stand by its employees. Well done, Bunnings!

SDA Hits University O-Weeks

University is back!

ALP Plan to Tackle Worker Exploitation

In recent times, there have been significant examples of exploitation of workers, especially migrant workers, in some non-unionised sectors of the

Join the Campaign to Protect Penalty Rates

The Australian weekend is iconic.

Super Guarantee Freeze: Less For Your Retirement

Most superannuation experts agree that 9% superannuation contributions is not enough to build an account balance for a comfortable retirement.

The challenge has long been to lift the 9% contribution to 12%, but unfortunately Coalition Governments have a track record of freezing or delaying increases in superannuation contributions.

Despite the Keating Government unveiling an increase in super from 9% to 12% of earnings in 1995, John Howard (Prime Minister 1996-2007) successfully stalled any increase in superannuation contributions for more than 11 years.

It was left to the Gillard Government to legislate a timetable to achieve the 12% contribution for working Australians.