Paid Parental Leave

The SDA has been arguing for the introduction of a Government-funded National Paid Parental Leave scheme for all parents over 30 years, which we finally achieved in January 2011 under the Australian Labor Government.

This is good news for parents because it provides increased financial security at a vulnerable time for families, thereby helping to ensure parents and babies have time to recover from birth and to bond.

Are You Eligible?

If you are pregnant, have recently given birth or adopted a child under 16 years you may be eligible for the Federal Governments Paid Parental Leave payment.

You do not need to be working full time to be eligible for this payment. You may meet the work test even if you:

  • Are a part-time, casual or seasonal worker
  • Are a contractor, or self employed
  • Work in a family business
  • Have multiple employers
  • Have recently changed jobs

Baby Bonus

You cannot receive the Governments' Paid Parental Leave pay and the baby Bonus for the same child. If you are eligible to receive the Paid Parental Leave pay, you must decide whether you will be better off financially receiving this payment or receiving other Government payments. 

Most families will be better off receiving the Parental Leave pay rather than the Baby Bonus.

To help you choose the option which is best for you and your family you can:

  • Speak to a customer information representative art the Family Assistance Office in person
  • Call a customer information representative on  13 61 50
  • Use the online Paid Parental Leave Comparison Estimator which is available in the Families section of the Department of Human Services website

Assistance From the SDA

If you are unsure of your leave entitlements, or you are having difficulties receiving your payments from your employer (where your employer is the paymaster), please contact the SDA.

Members can get a full copy of the Paid Parental Leave booklet by contacting the SDA.

The Paid Parental Leave information booklet contains information on:

  • Who is eligible
  • How much you can be paid
  • Talking with your employer
  • Working out when to start the Governments Parental Leave Payment
  • Talking to your partner
  • Applying for the Paid Parental Leave Payment
  • The application process
  • After the baby is born
  • Returning to work during the paid parental leave period
  • Dad and partner pay
  • Eligibility of the Governments Dad and Partner Pay
  • Claiming Dad and Partner Pay