Representing members in roster disputes

Every week, we represent dozens of SDA members in roster disputes.

While sometimes a roster change might not be a big deal, they can often have a significant impact on family and caring responsibilities, study commitments, getting home safely, and take home pay.

SDA Agreements contain important provisions that allow members to dispute a roster if it cannot work for them or their family. As your union, the SDA can represent you in these disputes.
Recently, Woolworths announced that they intended to change the rosters of most nightfill teams in Victoria.

Many of our nightfill members work nights because this is what works for them and their family. A roster change could mean they can no longer pick up their kids from school in the afternoon while their partner is working, or make it to university classes during the day.

The changes announced by Woolworths also mean many workers would miss out on the penalty rates they currently receive, substantially reducing their take home pay.

As soon as Woolworths told us about these changes, we communicated to all our members that we did not agree with the changes and that we would be representing members who wanted to dispute the proposed rosters.

At the time of writing, most of these disputes are ongoing. In some stores we are representing individual members who disagree with the roster changes, while in other stores we are representing entire teams who are collectively disputing the proposed rosters.

We have had some wins for members already. My from Woolworths Blackburn North worked with her SDA Organiser Kevin to start the dispute process and negotiate a new roster.

My has now secured a roster that works for her and her family.

If you need assistance with a roster dispute or any other workplace issue, do not hesitate to contact us.