Northland Blitz

The SDA, in conjunction with our partners Maurice Blackburn lawyers and ME Bank ran a successful promotion in the Northland shopping centre region from 13-23 November.

The promotion was a big undertaking, with more than 16 SDA Officials (four Organisers and twelve Union Reps) spending 11 days in and around the centre, speaking to members and non members.

The SDA also hired a stall in the aisle between Kmart and Myer which gave members the opportunity to come up and ask questions about the Union, as well as increasing the SDA’s profile within the centre.

As part of the promotion, there was an iPad prize giveaway plus multiple services offered to members. Maurice Blackburn also had a hamper giveaway for the best Instagram photo.

Maurice Blackburn had lawyers on the stall at certain times throughout the day and conducted free legal checks for members, while ME Bank conducted free home loan health checks.

During the second week, the SDA hosted a forum with REST Industry Super, Maurice Blackburn and ME Bank which provoked insightful discussion around workplace injury and various avenues to supplement your income if you are injured, such as income protection which is available through your super.

Overall, the promotion was successful with almost 200 new members joining the Union and around 80 members updating their details.

The iPad giveaway was drawn by State Secretary Michael Donovan on the final day of the promotion.

The hamper Instagram winner was REPCO member Emily Hansen.

The ultimate winner of the iPad was a new member from the Bell Street BP who was delighted to receive the gift, although when called and told that someone would be dropping off a free iPad he was somewhat sceptical!

With the new promotion format being such a success, we moved onto Chadstone!